Do I really need an IFA?


  Well, the answer to this question will depend

  on a number of issues. However, unless you

  are extremely poor or extraordinarily rich –

  or belong to a very small group of financial

  super-savvy persons – the answer is very

  likely to be:



You may enjoy trying to predict the world’s strongest growth trends, analyse which sectors you think

will benefit the most, then conduct your own independent research to identify the most promising

prospects and match these to your attitude-to-risk, diversification needs, overall tax-position and investment horizon. And, you could come up with a really good portfolio suggestion.


However, it does take a serious amount of time, effort, research, the right professional tools and

significant in-depth knowledge to come up with solutions similar to those that a Professional and Independent Financial Advisor may present to you.


So far, we have just mentioned a few aspects of potential investments. It is equally important to plan for your retirement, review your current pension arrangements, protect your income and/or improve your overall financial position. You may also have a range of responsibilities towards members of your family (young or old) that take high priority and need to be integrated into an overall plan.  

Perhaps you are a first time buyer, a homeowner looking to remortgage or release equity, or a buy-to-let property investor.


Or you are concerned about your pension plans and how to manage when you retire and perhaps might need long-term care.


And, what would happen to your loved ones if you lost your job or got ill, or even died?


And, what about the school fees and the 'round-the-world' cruise?


In all cases, a fully qualified IFA will help and advice you, so you find the right professional solutions tailored to your exact needs. 

And what happens if your situation suddenly changes significantly after you have committed yourself? A good IFA should always give you a clear idea of ‘safety-zones’ together with any other specific advice even if it does not seem immediately obvious at the time.








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